Website Management & Digital.

Many local organisations, SMEs, entrepreneurs and charities face challenges in digital when it comes to in-house skills, resourcing and strategy.

Affordable. Holistic. Creative. Personal.

Often design, marketing or communications input is needed but knowing specifically what, how to pull it all together or having the budget to bring in skills can be a different matter entirely. This is why affordable, holistic and creative digital solutions that empower your organisation and reduce your administration are so vital. It’s time to think smart!

I’ve spent well over a decade working in digital across multiple disciplines and sectors providing rich creative, technical, administrative and business experience. If you’re looking for broad digital input or ongoing website management, whether remote or based in your workplace, let’s talk.

1-4 Days Per Month


Do you need project-based or ongoing input? Let’s talk about your requirements and objectives to help your business flourish.

Hi, I’m Jon

I live in Winchester and am passionate about empowering local organisations, SMEs, entrepreneurs and charities through affordable, holistic and creative digital solutions. I love to DREAM BIG, THINK SMART, IMAGINE  A WORLD and CREATE. This is how I approach my work.

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Let’s talk