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Search Engine Optimisation is the process of gaining greater visibility within search engines for specific keywords or phrases.


Did you know that Google, the clear search engine leader,  processes over 3.5 billion searches worldwide per day! In fact, the term ‘To Google’ is a recognised verb in the English language.

Each search engine is powered by complex algorithms to provide the most relevant results per word or phrase. Strong and strategic SEO aligns with the keywords or phrases that are most relevant to your business in order to give you the exposure you need with your audience.

SEO focuses on  ‘organic’ or ‘natural listings’ within the result pages (SERPs) rather than Google paid ads, known as Pay Per Click or PPC.

Onpage Optimisation

Your website structure, use of keywords, navigation, content, speed, use of meta details and many more all influence your SEO performance. Apply best practice principles in these areas to supercharge your website performance. This is what Onpage Optimisation is all about – making your website more ‘search-friendly.’

Offpage Optimisation

Offpage Optimisation refers to SEO-based activity that is NOT on your website. Link building, social media and your overall approach to Internet Marketing all contribute building connections to your website and making it easier to find online.

Holistic Approach

Strong SEO should be holistic, bespoke and relevant to each business as part of an overall strategic Internet Marketing plan. Having an effective Content Management System (CMS) brings huge advantages when engaging in SEO to minimise development time on your website. An ethical (or ‘White Hat’) approach to SEO is always best, building steadily around the human audience rather than over-focussing on manipulating the search engines. This also brings greater reassurance and stability in the face of search engine updates.

Insight & Action

Gaining SEO visibility is important for all local businesses, SMEs, entrepreneurs and charities but it’s important to weigh up how much visibility is needed based on your return on investment.

Keyword analysis, search engine results page (SERPs) analysis, competitor analysis, onpage and offpage analysis all provide important insight to fuel your SEO activity. Engaging in SEO is like tending to a garden, there’s always work that can be done but the key is making it work for your business.

What On Earth Is SEO? Wired Wessex, Winchester

It was great to be the Wired Wessex guest speaker at the Winchester University Business Centre. 40+ delegates from around Winchester and Hampshire were eager to find out ‘What on earth is SEO?’ We looked at how SEO fits within a broader internet marketing strategy before digging deeper into keywords, on and offpage optimisation followed by questions.

“Thank you for giving such a well-received talk last Thursday. You gave people a lot of useful information – plenty to think about and try to implement!”

Wired Wessex

Google’s Matt Cutts explains SEO

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